Introducing Puraclenz PCO Air Purifier Technology

Puraclenz uses an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) used by NASA to provide clean air for astronauts. PCO has been safely used to purify air and exposed surfaces for more than 40 years in many commercial applications. Our patented cell design generates an exceptionally high density of ozone free ions to proactively deactivate indoor pollutants.

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Patented PCO technology.

A U.S. patent protecting Puraclenz’s next-gen cell design was granted in 2020. The multi-blade design reflects UV light inside the core with ultra-efficiency. Each blade is shaped to reflect UV light onto the back side of the blade next to it, generating an extraordinary amount of ions for a PCO device.

The unique aerodynamic conical shape further increases ion generation by maximizing contact time with the reactive titanium dioxide surface.

This revolutionary design provides a large area of cleaning coverage with a small footprint and very low energy consumption.

Destroys a full range of pathogens at the source

Proven effective against dangerous bacteria.

Efficacy tests confirm that a Puraclenz P3000 unit is proven to be over 99.7% effective at reducing dangerous bacteria Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus epidermis in the air. MSRE is an FDA recognized surrogate for MRSA, Strep Pnuemoniae and Strep Pyogenes that cause deadly infections.

  • MRSA
  • MRSE
  • Streptococcus pneumoniae
  • Streptococcus pyogenes

Does your space have a mold problem?

Puraclenz works differently by dynamically destroying mold mid-air and on exposed surfaces, continuously cleaning throughout an indoor space 24/7. For best results with mold on surfaces in your space, first apply bleach mixed with water to clean these affected areas. Then continuously run your Puraclenz unit for at least 7 days to prevent the return of mold growth.

  • Aspergillus brasiliensis
  • Toxic Black Mold
  • Dark Gray Mold

Is Puraclenz effective against coronavirus?

Independently-conducted efficacy tests confirm, in typical indoor settings, that a Puraclenz P3000 unit is proven to be over 99% effective in reducing MS2 virus in the air. MS2 bacteriophage is a FDA recognized proxy virus of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The efficacy tests were performed by Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Olathe, Kansas, an FDA compliant laboratory.

  • SARS-CoV2
  • MS2 bacteriophage
  • Influenza
  • Coronavirus

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