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Puraclenz cleans indoor air and exposed surfaces at the source. Our certified ozone free PCO technology is designed to continuously deactivate dangerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold spores and more.

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Scientifically Proven to Stop Mold Growth.

Destroys Mold Mid-Air.

95.1% effective at reducing dangerous mold Aspergillus brasiliensis in the air. Aspegillus brasiliensis is a black mold endospore that causes allergic reactions and is a surrogate for Toxic Black Mold, Dark Grey Mold and other species of allergy causing molds.

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Deactivates Mold on Surfaces.

99.75% effective at reducing Candida albicans mold spores from surfaces. Plates with live Candida albicans mold spores were placed over 8 feet away from the device during this 8-hour test following EN 17272 standards.

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    Regular price$299.99

    Air & Surface Purifier for medium size rooms up to 750 sq ft. 

    Purifies bedrooms, treatment spaces, hotel rooms and small offices.

    Rated 4.8 stars
    25 Reviews


    Regular price$399.99

    Air & Surface Purifier for large spaces up to 1,500 sq ft.

    Great for medium size open spaces, living rooms, classrooms, large offices and conference rooms.

    Rated 4.9 stars
    23 Reviews


    Regular price$499.99

    Air & Surface Purifier for extra-large spaces up to 3,000 sq ft.

    Perfect for wide open spaces such as common spaces, great rooms, restaurants and hallways. 

    Rated 4.9 stars
    13 Reviews

    If your space has a mold problem or you have a mold allergy, how can Puraclenz help?

    Kills mold spores.

    Scientifically proven to deactivate mold spores mid-air and on exposed surfaces.

    Stops mold growth in nooks and crannies.

    Where mold likes to grow. Puraclenz ions proactively clean difficult-to-reach surfaces.

    Automatically destroys mold growth 24/7.

    Save time and money by reducing your dependence on spray disinfectants.

    Safe to stay in the space.

    Most other mold remediation products require people to leave the space during treatment.

    "In my 40 year career, I have simply never seen a product as effective in mold elimination and prevention as Puraclenz. I have used it both personally and on patients with great success eliminating mold allergies and other medical issues associated with mold infestations."

    Dr. Richard Mangi, MD

    More than just an Air Purifier.

    Conventional air purifiers filter pollutants through air circulation. Puraclenz is different. Puraclenz uses an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) originally used in the International Space Station to provide clean air for astronauts.

    About our Next-Gen PCO Technology

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